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Strategic Financing

Leveraging our capital raising machinery

Situation diagnoses and ideation phases would have estimated and determined the financing gaps and needs of candidate organization or business idea. Leveraging our capital raising machinery, we ensure that the funds required for the envisaged strategic plan are raised in line with the agreed/optimal structure.

GTI will therefore not only help in determining the optimal amount to be raised but will also leverage its capital raising capacity to raise as much money as is needed to make the candidate firm reach profitability. Broadly speaking, there are two possible types of capital that a candidate firm can use to fund operations: debt and equity. GTI will support a candidate firm in determining the mix of debt and equity that is most cost-effective. In addition to that strategic advice, we shall go ahead and raise the required amount of money.

Ideation | Key M&E Indicators

1. Impact Clarity of potential impact on business performance with the new funds
Adequacy of finance control that will make newly injected funds to produce better results.
2. Adequacy Is the quantum of financial injection adequate?
To what extent is the financing mix and capital structure adopted appropriate
To what extent is the injected fund strictly applied to core operations
Extent to which newly injected funds meet working capital needs adequately
3. Efficiency Improvement To what extent has new fund injection resulted in improvements in their value-chain activities and profitability
Extent to which financial strategies are effective in reducing long-term sustainable costs
4. Growth By how much will turnover and profit prospectively grow on account of new fund injections?
To what extent is marginal growth due to new funds consistent with strategic projections and average
industry growth
5. Associated Risks Extent of risks associated with the financing