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HandHolding® is the oxygenation of ideas, businesses and organizational plans beyond the typical financial capital. Through an end-to-end partnership and follow-through strategy, it infuses bursts of new life to new business ideas, dead businesses and ongoing concerns. Read More

Who Benefits From HandHolding® ?

We can summarize the benefit communities as follows:

  • Corporates & Governments: HandHolding® manages the challenges of delivering economic-value-added-performance faced by firms and government.
  • New Business Ideas & New Ventures: Recursive nature of its 4-step attack on risks-to-economic-value-added, it has become highly relevant for powering new business ideas/ventures as well as businesses generally
  • Dead Business & Dead Ideas: Has the inbuilt mechanism to resurrect a dead business or a dead idea and repackage it to deliver the most optimal residual income performance.
  • Not-for-Profits: Robustly comprehensive scheme for restructuring, driving and delivering best organizational performance irrespective of whether they be profit or not-for-profit.
  • Department and Units of a Firm: Can be narrowly applied to a department, a unit, or a segment of an organization.

HandHolding® is unique because of the following reasons:

  • The focus of its oxygenation process is to create maximum economic value possible given uncontrollable constraints
  • It has highly adaptive applicability to varieties of business conditions, scenarios, compartments and stages
  • It provides a platform for collaboration of competencies in the investment banking and management consulting value-chain
  • It is an evaluative tool that fosters innovation and sustains entrepreneurship
  • It is a comprehensive tool for ‘indication’ diagnosis, strategy finance, design and successful execution

The HandHolding® Framework

This oxygenation process is achieved through a four-step recursive handholding process that starts with thorough examination of and understanding of the deeper sources of the extant or potential challenges facing an organization and which ends with the management of its performance to ensure sustained profitability/positive performance.



Comprehensive arrays of stress and other tests to determine its potential survival status.


Stakeholders generate, share and blend ideas for addressing concerns earlier identified.



Determine adequate financing gaps, requirements & structure to achieve result.


We design & implement robust performance management system to ensure objectives are met.