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Linking individual stakeholder’s goals
with organization’s goals

The first two phases cover the analysis and planning desiderata. The strategic financing and performance management phases are designed for action and driving the entire plan to success. Performance management is, therefore, a priority requirement for maximum success.

Our performance management focus is to ensure that there are:

  • An established robust performance management culture that will, in turn, ensure that the goals at the planning phases are sustainably realized and improved upon.
  • Support the candidate organization to design, develop and use balanced and actionable set of process measures (leading, in-process, and lagging) for its performance evaluation and;
  • Ensure maximum staff buy-in as well as holding members of staff accountable for realizing performance targets.

Goals of The Drive Phase

The goals that are pursued in the “drive” phase are to:


  1. Link individual stakeholder’s goals with the organization’s goals.
  2. Communicate most crucial business strategic initiatives to critical stakeholders.
  3. Communicate to employees: (a) expectations (b) what is important (c)performance and (d) how to improve.
  4. Performance feedback/coaching and improvement
  5. Identification of individual strengths and weaknesses for continuous improvement.
  6. Regularly identify the causes of performance deficiencies and addressing them.