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The Framework

Every efficacious treatment process must commence with a rigorous diagnosis.

Under this phase, a candidate organization (or business idea) is subjected to comprehensive arrays of stress and other tests to determine its potential survival status. This is the first phase in the HandHolding® oxygenation scheme. The second phase is the discussion of the outcomes of the diagnosis. Through a process of design thinking (ideation) stakeholders generate, share and blend ideas for addressing concerns identified in the first phase.


Our role is to organize and facilitate this process to ensure that it fruits abundant results. In the financing (the 3rd phase) we take the inputs from the first and second phases of the model to determine the financing gaps and requirements as well as determine adequate financing structure to achieve the desired result. Beyond this, we actually raise the required size of funds to enable the candidate firm/organization achieve the results set out at the ‘plan’ (ideation) phase. At the drive phase, we design and implement a robust performance management system to ensure that the desired objectives are satisfactorily met. Although the steps appear linear, they are nevertheless recursive in the application and may be started at any phase depending on the peculiar contexts.

What makes Handholding® unique?

HandHolding® is unique because of the following reasons:


  • The focus its oxygenation process is to create maximum economic value possible given uncontrollable constraints.
  • It has highly adaptive applicability to varieties of business conditions, scenarios, compartments and stages.
  • It provides a platform for collaboration of competencies in the investment banking and management consulting value-chain.
  • It is an evaluative tool that fosters innovation and sustains entrepreneurship.
  • It is a comprehensive tool for ‘indication’ diagnosis, strategy finance, design and successful execution.